Union County Middle School

School Performance Dashboard

School Name Math Reading
Distinguished Proficient Distinguished Proficient
Sturgis 4% 27% 13% 26%
Morganfield 3% 33% 12% 17%
Uniontown 2% 24% 10% 25%
Union Middle School 4% 16% 9% 24%
Union High School 6% 25% 10% 38%
Principal: John Paris [email protected]
Assistant Principal: Sherry King  [email protected]
Certified School Manager: Mike Melton [email protected]
School Counselor: Mendi Wyatt  [email protected]
School Counselor: Abby Sheffer  [email protected]
Attendance Secretary: Tammy Carr [email protected]
Finance Secretary: Rebekah Stone [email protected]
Administrative Secretary: Jennie Duncan [email protected]
Athletic Director: Mason Holloran [email protected]
Union County Middle School
4465 US- 60
Morganfield, KY   42437
Phone: 270-389-0224
Fax: 270-897-0821
School Day: 8:00-3:00
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Calendar of Events:
5th- 9:00-12:00  Becoming an Indian 6TH GRADE ONLY
5th- 4:00- 6:00  OPEN HOUSE for all students
14th- First Day of School
Union County Middle School's mission states: "We are a community of lifelong learners, responsible global citizens, and champions of our own success." Students and staff alike participate in making this mission happen. Students are given the opportunity to take an active role in the school community through a variety of situations in and out of the classroom including student jobs, our Junion Council, extra-curricular clubs, community service projects, etc. Our vision is to create a school where each student achieves, is prepared for the future, and desires to improve the community in which they live.