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Union County Learning Academy (UCLA)

The Union County Learning Academy (UCLA) is an A5 alternative school that located within a wing dedicated to its use at the Union County High School.  The program (formerly the R.I.D.E. Center) was established in 1998 and supports students grades 6-12.

UCLA serves two purposes for our students:  1.)  UCLA recognizes that there are students who may be better served by a different style of teaching, and 2.) UCLA serves as an alternative school to recover credit or to remove barriers to learning in a traditional setting.  

The staff of the Union County Learning Academy is aware that some students arrive at a crucial point in their life where they need a caring, structured environment to provide emotional stability while teaching responsibility, cooperation, self-control and on-task behaviors. Each student who is accepted must learn to live in the outside world. Therefore, it is necessary for him or her to learn to cooperate with other people and to respect authority.

The faculty endeavors to create an environment in which each child feels accepted, and one that offers him or her the opportunity to succeed academically as well as emotionally. The academic area is individualized as much as possible. Students operate at different levels and rates.

All students considered for placement will be subject to an admissions placement review performed by the Union County Learning Academy placement team.
Please Contact:      James Watkins, Director of Union County Learning Academy
Alternate Contact:   Brian Lovell, Assistant Superintendent of Compliance & Workforce Development (Acting Principal)