Special Projects

Welcome to the UCPS Special Projects Department. 
Union County Public Schools offer a continuum of services for students who meet the eligibility guidelines and require specially designed instruction. Learning is provided in a child-friendly environment, which motivates children to believe in themselves. Union County Schools is at the forefront of progressive programming: with integrated classes of children with disabilities learning beside children without disabilities; SDI rooms for those needing individual and small group instruction; self-contained classrooms; related services of speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy; and advanced technology.

Name  Position Phone  
Amy Turner
Director of Special Projects 270-389-2742 Administration
Zane Dempsey School Psychologist 270-389-2742 Testing
Amanda Brantley School Psychologist 270-389-2742 Testing
Vanessa Potts Administrative Assistant 270-389-2742 Administrative Support
Administrative Assistant 270-389-2742 Administrative Support
Sabrina Lovell Executive Assistant 270-389-2742 Administrative Support 
Eligibility of Services
Students receiving specially designed instruction must go through a process of interventions, referral and evaluation before eligibility can be determined. Each student deemed eligible by the Admissions and Release Committee has an Individual Education Plan, with goals and objectives that correspond to the students specific requirements, deficits and strengths. Certified Special Education teachers, Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist are available professionals who assist the Committee with the Individual Education Plan development, put it into practice and review it for on-going progress.
Disabilities currently being served:
Communication Disorder
Developmentally Delayed
Emotional-Behavior Disability
Functional Mental Disability
Orthopedic (Physical) Disability
Other Health Impaired
Specific Learning Disability
Multiple Disability Visually Impaired
Mild Mental Disability
Hearing Impaired