Food Prices

District Wide -  CEP
Community Eligibility Provision
All students are currently illegible to receive 1-reimbursable breakfast and 1-reimbursable lunch free of charge through the Community Eligibility Provision or CEP program.
Students who take advantage of the * "full or Reimbursable Meal" will enjoy considerable value and cost savings.  A full meal equals more food on the tray as compared to purchasing individual food items at a-la-carte pricing. However; a la carte items may be purchased in addition to free breakfast and lunch.
A-la-carte prices have been adjusted for the 2022-23 school year to reflect price changes from our suppliers and to encourage healthy eating.

* What is a * "Full or Reimbursable Meal?" At lunch we offer students a minimum of 5 meal components including a meat or meat alternative, grain, vegetable, fruit, and a milk. Students must select at least three items (one being a fruit or vegetable) for the meal to qualify for "free meal status." If a student chooses less than three items or does not have a fruit or vegetable on their tray, we must charge the student a-la-carte pricing according to USDA regulations.

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Breakfast is very similar but smaller consisting of 4 food items (not components) and students must take three of the four items (one being a fruit or vegetable) in order for the meal to qualify for "free meal status."  consists of 3-5 meal components . Student must take a minimum of one (fruit or vegetable) and two additional items. 
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Menu prices
Union County Lunch
Student Full Price $0.00
Reduced Price $0.00
Adult Price $5.00
Union County Breakfast
Student Full Price $0.00
Reduced Price 0.00
Adult Price $3.00